Another step forward

Made a bit more progress this past weekend… I got the core support out of the way! Wasn’t too bad a job after all. Took my time and measured a few things thinking I would also be removing the core support body insulators as well. The upper bushing is threaded onto the attaching bolt and no really good way to grab it and keep it from turning as you unscrew the bolt, so I decided to just leave them in place since they were still firm and pliable. I will try and get a bit of POR 15 under them… somehow!

For those interested, the assembled height above the frame horn was about 1 1/4"….

There was a nut and thick washer on TOP of the core support….

Then a thicker washer (and shim on passenger side) sat on top of the upper core support insulator bushing…

Here is the passenger side hardware stack….
Drivers side was the same only without the teardrop shaped shim.

The opening in the bottom of the core support is a large obround hole…
Next up is removal of the engine and transmission, then (HOPEFULLY) off to the body shop!

Until next time…



Moving Forward

Well was able to get a bit more work done on the Torino. Went over on Saturday and got all the interior insulation and padding packaged up and ready to send out for reproduction. Once that was accomplished, I turned my attention back to the core support.

First order of business was to remove the core harness, power steering cooler and then pull the AC condenser and brackets from the support…..


Next, I drained the radiator, removed the hoses and transmission lines and pulled the unit…


With all the major items removed, I then examined the core support mounting bushing hardware and decided to give each a good dousing of penetrating oil to help with their removal. While that was working, I measured the assembled height of each bushing and found them both to be 1 1/4"…

I decided to chase the threads of each of the bushing bolt prior to removal to prevent any complications with disassembly, but couldn’t find my deep well 1” socket to drive the die! I hit everything with another coat of penetrating oil to continue soaking thru the rust until my next visit.

Prior to my departure, I had two visitors to the shop that I hope will be cause for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the coming days!